It's simple. I'm going to work as hard for you as State Representative as I did when I was mayor, and I won't stop until the next generation has as much opportunity as we did. 

That's my promise to them. That's my promise to you. And that's my promise for our families. 

About Paul Montinieri

Paul Montinieri

Former Mayor, Wethersfield, CT

Paul’s grandfather arrived in America on October 24, 1920. Generation to generation, they’ve been in Hartford and Wethersfield ever since—100 years by election day. 

Paul learned the values of hard work, fairness, and dedication to Wethersfield from those who immigrated here. These values—combined with a sense of duty to help others—have come to define Paul’s leadership.


As mayor, Paul Montinieri oversaw the completion of our new High School, hundreds of new business starts, and $28 million in direct investments in Wethersfield. He successfully led the fight to acquire open space, protect the Cove, and continued efforts to preserve Old Wethersfield. His tenure was marked by so many projects that his initiatives were still coming to fruition even after he left office.

Paul and Julie have been married for 37 years. They are the proud parents of two daughters, Meredith and Michelle. 

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